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Welcome to CairoGyms!

You’ve stopped at Cairo’s #1 fitness and health platform! We aim to provide you with the ultimate portal to Cairo’s health and fitness scene. On here, you’ll find everything you need to know about the city’s mental and physical health’s service providers as well as the latest and hottest campaigns and events in town!

Our sports and fitness events coverage is unrivaled, and has become a leading example in the industry. A highly skilled and passionate team of writers, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, and editors work around the clock to ensure the quality and precision of our services.

At CairoGyms, we delightedly guide you on your best health journey; we do that by delivering motivational/success stories, goal-oriented recipes, fitness tips and tricks, various workout plans, and professional wellness advice; all at the access of your fingertips!

You may also recognize us from our branded campaigns: #CairoGyms_Fel_Balad #CairoGyms_Fel_Sahel, #Ramadanak_Fit and #SheInspiresMe, all of which have been very successful and dynamic over the years!

CairoGyms is an inclusive platform for every individual, as you join us and let us guide you on your journey towards you best self, keep safe, stay inspired, and stay tuned!

Founder and CEO
Karim Medhat