Absolute Beast Maye Noureldin is Shaking the World of Calisthenics

May Noureldeen Main

A marketer by day and a full time fitness fanatic by night, Maye Noureldin probably got the passion for fitness from her family; she was raised in a sports-centric family where sports and fitness were always a priority. Growing up, she played hockey, skating, squash, and swimming. Maye was introduced to calisthenics 3 years ago and was immediately hooked, once and for all. She’s become addicted to the adrenaline rush she gets every time she pushes her body beyond its limits; she craves it and can never seem to get enough.  Maye has big dreams for calisthenics and bodyweight training, and she’s here to tell us her story.

What impact does fitness have on your life?

May Nour el Din

Fitness IS my life. To me, fitness is all about commitment and consistency; it’s a mind game that trains your mind to just keep going, especially in the downturns. It taught me that big milestones are achieved by seeking small targets everyday, which has changed me both mentally and physically. Taking small steps towards achieving my dream has now become my newest obsession. I am also very grateful that I get to help others achieve their goals.

What keeps you inspired?

May Nour el Din

The calisthenics community keeps me inspired. I am constantly motivated by  stories of real athletes, who I had the opportunity to train with, and people who always make it happen despite the challenges. I am extremely inspired to explore my boundaries further, compete on bigger scales, work on my calisthenics skills, nutrition, and coaching, and, finally, to join the battle of bars one day.

What would you say is your biggest accomplishment?

May Nour el Din

My biggest accomplishment would be stepping out and taking the decision to go for my passion while pushing my limits in a number of directions. I am grateful and blessed for what I have achieved so far and am excited to work for what’s to come.  I also am super proud to be able to support my friends, family, and all those who approach me to push them towards achieving their fitness goals.

Any messages you’d like to send?

Maye Noureldin

I believe no one gets to decide who you are except you. People will talk and give opinions/judgments like they know something you don’t, but you have got to believe that voice inside you that knows what you are made of and what you can do. Just believe in yourself and always put in the hard work, not only to look good in your body, but also to feel good in your own skin.

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