Adaptive athlete Dina El Kammah finds her way to invincibility

Dina Kamash Main

You’ve probably seen her in our EFFL posts last year and you definitely need to know who she is. Her name is Dina el Kammah, and she is an adaptive CrossFit athlete. Dina’s journey with CrossFit started 2 years ago when she was doing fitness at her gym. One day they were doing bar trainings there, and she thought she’d give it a shot. To her surprise, the hand was not an obstacle and the bar worked for her. This gave her the push that she needed, and Dina started doing CrossFit.

Dina Kamash crossfit

She started training with Coach Seif el Rafey who helped her a lot while getting started. He was actually the one who found her the “grip” that she uses in her trainings, and it’s due to this very grip that she started and is able to continue. Coaches Seif el Rafey and Ahmed Hossam(Jhonny) played major roles in Dina’s story  “they’ve been beyond supportive and they’re the reason I am where I am today. Everything I accomplished, I owe to them”

Dina Kamash crossfit

With the help of her coaches, Dina started participating in competitions. Her first competition was ElFit Hurghada 2018 and then she did the EFFL same year as well. In 2019, she was injured and was unable to train for 3 months. Due to the injury, her weights went down, she was unable to participate in competitions for a very long time, and she went through a period of depression. Today, Dina is recovering, working her way back, and is coming out stronger than ever

Before crossfit, Dina was very insecure about her hand. “I’d been through situations where I’d gotten comments that were horribly hurtful to say the least. I no longer wanted people to see my hand, and I’d wear jackets over it to make sure they don’t. I was ashamed of it”

Dina Kamash crossfit

CrossFit gave her confidence and strength she never knew she could have. “I now confidently show my hand off and peoples’ comments, looks, and pity don’t get to me anymore. You can even find pictures of me flaunting my hand on my social media”

As Dina continues to pave her path to a very glorious future, she is inspiring everyone around her. She believes that “when there’s a will, there’s a way”, and she certainly found hers.  

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