Ahmed EL Daour Dropping The Base S&C

The Base S&C - Daaour

‘Action is the foundational key to all success.’

Ahmed El Daour, tutor in Elite Performance Institute (EPI), and strength and Conditioning coach of El Ahly men’s handball team is dropping The Base S&C. The Base S&C is a fully fledged facility that caters to all the needs of both human performance and sports performance. Whether you are a person hitting the gym to be more fit for life, or an athlete who would like to perfect his sport, the Base SC is the place to go!

 Let’s meet the founder and get to know more about The Base!

Ahmed El Daour; The Base’s Architect

The Base S&C - Daaour

Ahmed El Daour is a tutor in the Elite Performance Institute (EPI), Europe’s leading strength and conditioning institution. El Daour is also the Strength and Conditioning coach of El Ahly men’s handball team. His journey in the fitness industry goes way back, competing in various sports across his sports career which included: rugby, handball, water polo, and soccer. 

His diverse athletic background has given him the necessary exposure to the science behind sports performance, and has ignited his interest in the field of Strength and Conditioning. This, has guided him towards the coaching industry, with over 8 years of experience, eventually leading him to working with various World Cup athletes and Olympians. El Daour’s profile is marvelously impressing!

The Base S&C Facility

The Base S&C

The Base S&C is located in the heart of new Cairo, right behind point 90. The facility houses 2 outdoor arenas, a spacious indoor box, and access to a 400 meters track. Alongside the indoor and outdoor training space, the Base S&C has its own coworking space, cafeteria, showers, and locker rooms to make it the ultimate destination for its members. 

A One-off Training Experience

The Base S&C

The Base S&C delivers a unique training experience with evidence-based programming rooted in the laws of strength and conditioning to ensure that all workouts are result driven! The facility offers group sessions, small group personal training, and personal training sessions.


The Base S&C

The program sessions that The Base S&C’s offers are:  

STR, a strength program. It’s all about getting stronger through weight lifting by incorporating ore weights, and less cardio. 

The Base S&C

HSL is the hustle session. 

Its’s all about getting active, moving, and doing exercises with dumbbells, kettlebells, medballs, it’s about more cardio, less weights!

END is an endurance program; this program works on improving your stamina!

The Base S&C

“The clock is ticking. Are you becoming the person you want to be?”

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