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I was born in Saudi Arabia in 31 of july 1989.
i’ve started my education life in Egypt, I finished my Engineering Bachelor in Arab Academy For Science, Technology and Maritime in February 2012, Then i’ve started my military service in January 2013 till our date.
My mother has raised me and my brothers on a bases that we will never ever forget, and also teach us many things about life that we have to put it in our consideration to build our future life correctly.
She sacrificed many things to raise our family, to build our knowledge and to keep our selves on the right track all time. She was encouraging me and my brothers to be a part of any sport, it doesn’t matter the kind of the sport but we have to play sport. I’ve started my sport life since i was 4 or 5, started with gymnastics for only 6 months but it didn’t last, then i figured the volleyball game and i said this will be my sport but it didn’t last also for 1 year, so i decided to play swimming and basket ball together and this was when i have 7 or 8 i can’t remember anyway i’ve trained   swimming with basket ball together for 4 years then i left swimming and started to play track and field with basketball and i was thinking that the track and field will raise my cardio level and my skills in basketball, so i’ve played these 2 sports together for more 6 years. Five days per week basketball training then 2days inside this five days track and field plus one more day and only one day rest after all this hard week. After all this i left the basket ball with regretting because of my trainer was holding me all the time, never made me participate in the matches but this was in the last 2 years , Then i decided to concentrate in one sport to do something, So i made my decision and started my champion life with track and field.
I was a sprinter in track and field for 100 meters and 200 meters then i’ve played 110 hurdles and get the 3rd position on my country in 2008 and also the 1st place on my region in 200 meters and 2nd on my region in 100 meter in 2008. i’ve got in the track and field federation in my country to start my world wide competition with my country Egypt but in the last of 2008 i’ve injured in my left leg back muscle and the track and field federation stopped me from playing  with my country because  of my injury. In 2009 i started all over again but my left leg didn’t helped me again to be a champion, so i decide to play track and field as an ordinary sport for my body because i learned that the sport is the best medical treatment for our health and life with all the meaning in this word.
Nowadays, I tried to convince everyone to do sports what ever your age or your gender.

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