All You Ever Wanted to Know about Pole Dancing

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I know you are curious. It’s normal. Pole dancing is a relatively new thing in Egypt, but in reality pole has been around for quite some time and although it became popular through strippers, pole dates back 800 years in India and it was actually practiced by males.  Watching videos of the traditional “Mallakhamb” you can spot some really similar tricks; the only difference is that today these tricks are performed in a more graceful manner.

So now that you know Pole dancing is not exclusive to nightclubs, let’s talk about some of the questions I get about it


Why do you wear such small clothes?


Well… Every sport has its specific attire for a specific reason. In the case of pole, although lots of it is about strength and flexibility, contact and grip are essential. You need to have as much skin as possible because sometimes, you will be literally hanging from the skin around your waist or legs. Which leads me to the next question.

Does it hurt?

ManarYes. I won’t lie. Most of the pain is tolerable but some moves really need a special kind of tolerance. Bruising, burning and shafting are very common, mainly at the beginning but fortunately it goes away with time. But yes! It hurts… No pain, no gain.

How do you spin for so long?


The pole itself is a complex element of engineering. No not really. But it does have some engineering involved. Poles can be set to static and spinning, depending on what kind of moves you are looking for. Generally, if it spins for long, it’s a spinning pole, but some masters of pole dancing can easily trick you into believing a static pole is set on spinning.

How long does it take for you to be really good at it?


Like any other sport, progress depends on commitment. If you play football once a week for an hour, you can’t expect to become the next Ronaldo, and by Ronaldo I mean the Brazilian ones – I am actually Brazilian. The more you work, the faster the progress and what is great about pole is that every class is a challenge and from day 1, you will be amazed at what your body can do.

Do you need to be fit, strong and flexible or do you need to play any other sports?


No. If you missed my last article, I‘m 38 years old, only started 2 years ago and I never played any sports before. Pole dancing is a full body workout and you will develop all the above skills within classes at your own pace.  So you can kiss that Gym membership goodbye!

Why can’t you stop talking about pole dancing?

Believe me, I hear that a lot and the answer is simple. Pole changed my life in many ways, not only physically. It also made me stronger emotionally and psychologically because it’s incredibly liberating. It’s where I go to re-energize and connect with myself.  I could talk about it forever, but I need to end it here.


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