Aly Mazhar “Go get it”

Aly Mazhar

A role model that every Egyptian should just follow, personally; I’m proud he is Egyptian. Let’s have a closer look at that fitness figure’s success story.

How it all started?

Aly has been into sports since his early childhood especially football. He used to play for Maadi club before he got what he thought the most thrilling offer of his life; to play for Al-Ahly club. He was bouncing off the walls out of excitement.

Playing in the number one club in Egypt was every footballer’s dream back then. They kept on beating every team they played with, match after another; it all seemed too good to be true. Shortly after he got his athletic scholarship at Rutgers University in the United States, he realized it wasn’t as good as it seemed. He thought he could go there and impress everyone with his performance, but to his great disappointment it didn’t go that way. Most players were generally fitter than him.

As soon as he digested the shock, he set his mind to change everything that led to what he was in. He started changing everything about his habits in order to enhance his fitness, trained day and night, made lots and lots of research about the global standards of fitness and how he could achieve them. He made every possible thing in his ability to maximize his performance. His results were gradually improving throughout his second and third year until he has become one of the most important players to the team.

Aly’s injury

Aly Mazhar Football

Unfortunately his injury sidelined his football career but that was not the end for him, he got back to Egypt and this time it was like he has been sent on a mission. He decided to pass on all what he has learned there concerning football, fitness, and overall health to his people and this is where BeFit came from.


Aly Mazhar beFit

couple of years ago he established something that covers the wide scope of health and fitness challenges. BeFit is where you can find group exercise classes, the best nutrition plans and it tells you how you can achieve the best results in only 6 weeks. The classes start from 8AM to 9PM.


The Transformation Challenge


A motivational competition is set every 3 months for those who want to dramatically transform their bodies.

What is the difference between BeFit and the gym?


If gyms make you look better, BeFit makes you feel better. It improves your performance, health and even helps increase your lung capacity.

What does Aly want to tell you?

Ali Mazhar

Whether you’re a beginner or you have any fitness background, they have a place for you with our three fitness levels that start from beginner, up to intermediate and ending up with advanced.

“Decide what you want whatever it is but just GO GET IT”


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