Amira Helmy, The Preaching Mountain Goat

Amira Helmy Mountain

Amira Helmy, aka “The Mountain Goat”,  is a 33-year-old adrenaline junkie and one of the very few female rock climbers based in Egypt. Athletic from a very young age, she has always been involved in various types of sports such as ballet, gymnastics, swimming, basketball and kickboxing. Over the past five years, alongside her teaching career she began regularly practicing yoga and meditation which have helped her develop the mental and physical strength needed to pursue her passion as a rock climber.

Teaching passion

Amira Helmy

Alongside her rock-climbing passion, she started teaching at a very young age, supporting poor children with their education. She then applied to for a teaching opportunity at British International Schools in Cairo. While she was working, she was studying and attending many workshops to help her develop her teaching skills. Amira has grown in her teaching career and now holds a Qualified Teaching Certificate from UK.

Amira’s Injury

Amira Helmy

In 2018, she had a neck injury, that made her feel utterly vulnerable. Along with going to therapy sessions, Amira continued going to the gym 6 days a week despite the doctors advising against it. She wanted to strengthen the muscles around her neck to ease her pain. She kept going and never gave up on exercising and growing stronger.

The Climb

Amira Helmy

In 2016, Amira started her rock-climbing journey on different routes throughout Wadi Gnai in Dahab, South Sinai. Since then, she had been going back and forth between Dahab and Cairo, juggling both her passions for teaching and climbing while anticipating her next vacation to go back to Dahab for outdoor climbing.

The Present/ inspiration

Recently, she has permanently relocated to Dahab to follow her dreams and to establish a rock-climbing community with the aim of empowering and encouraging more women to climb. She is a Managing partner at Dahab Rock Climbing, and Founder of Women in the Wadi. Amira is inspiring women in the middle east to go out of their comfort zone, explore different sports and reconnect with nature. 

Amira Helmy

“This is just the beginning; I have a lot to explore and learn but can’t wait to travel abroad and climb different mountains and meet different climbers” says Amira.

Rock climbing has taught Amira how to have a relaxed mind, connect with her body, be aware of her breathing and the present moment. She says “I feel like I am dancing with the mountains when I climb”. Amira enjoys spending most of her time in the mountains, enjoying everyone’s company and reconnecting with everyone without any network coverage.

 “No matter how fierce the mountains may appear to you; its strength will flow through your body with every grip.”

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