An interview with Ayman Omar: Founder of Athletics for Life

Ayman Omar

Have you ever wanted to approach someone at the gym and know a bit more about their training, well we at Cairo Gyms have got you covered as Victoria Haig asks key people from the fitness industry those all important questions.

How and when did you start training?

ayman omar

I have been training for as long as I can remember, first as an amateur boxer and later I started to lift weights.


What mistakes did you make when started that you would like to help others avoid?

I didn’t appreciate the importance of technique over weight. It’s not how much you lift but HOW you lift that really sparks muscle growth.


What or who helps motivate you and create the consistent habits required for success?

ayman omar 2

For me it’s a way of life, like brushing your teeth it’s an integral part of my life. It’s ingrained in me.


Who are your favourite athletes?

I am undoubtedly a big Christian Ronaldo fan mostly because I admire his dedication and absolute persistence; other athletes that have inspired during my life are Usain Bolt, Mohamed Ali and Bruce Li.


What type of training routine do you follow, what is your training frequency and how far ahead do you plan?

As a personal trainer it is my job to make the training worthwhile for my clients, time effective and beneficial, with this in mind I have developed a unique superset system coupled with a focus on core strength – my system hits the muscle from different angles and resistance – I use this smart method myself.

I try new exercises and tweak them for maximum muscle recruitment and then rotate them into my clients sessions, I usually plan a week ahead at a time.


Do you believe in using supplements? If yes, want are your top picks?

I strongly believe in supplements and if I have to recommend one supplement above all others it would be BCAA – Branch Chain Amino Acids.


Do you follow some nutrition principles? If yes, what are they?

Protein first and place the carbs around your workout, as I have aged I have adapted my nutrition and now choose nutrient dense whole foods with supplements.


What are your favourite three exercises?

Long step lunge, side plank and hammer curl – why because I feel good when I do these exercises.


What are your favourite three workou tracks?

  • Lose Yourself Enimen
  • They Don’t Care about Us Michael Jackson
  • Kush Dr. Dre and Akon


What would be your top three tips for anyone struggling to adopt a healthy lifestyle?

Firstly I named my business Athletics for Life because my top tip is always remember there is an athlete in all of us throughout our life, we train to lead a better fuller life.

Secondly work for the progress, be aware that real effort comes with real results.

Thirdly appreciate the progress because this is the key to consistency, Recognize how far you’ve come and seek to continue.



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