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26/ 09/67

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Fitness Consultant/ Personal Trainer at BODY BY DESIGN PERSONAL TRAINING STUDIOS



Anna Louise has been involved in the fitness industry now for the past 33 years. She first visited the gym at the age of 15 years and by the time she was 19 years had become Overall British Student Power Lifting champion. By her early twenties she qualified as a Power Lifting and weight lifting referee and became the youngest female senior British Amateur Weightlifting coach in the U.K. She also lifted for the West Midlands Power Lifting Squad and held several Power Lifting records.

She moved to Cairo as a teacher in 1994 but left teaching in 1998 for a full time career in the fitness industry, joining the original American management team at Gold’s Gym, Maadi, when the gym originally opened. She later joined C.S.A and implemented the first personal training system at the gym there in 2000, leaving two years later to set up her own personal training studio in Maadi in 2002 and a 2nd branch in Zamaek in 2009.

Over the years she has also become a qualified aerobics instructor and nutrition consultant which helps her role as fitness consultant and personal trainer. She now specializes in constructing individualized training programs for clients of all ages and fitness levels, from sports specific regimes for athletes to weight loss programs for the out of shape and fitness programs for those recovering from various injuries. She owns and runs Body By Design Personal Training Studios in Egypt and works as a free lance consultant for other gyms in Egypt providing training for instructors, master classes, advice for implementing fitness systems and setting up new gyms. She also lectures, presents workshops, works as a fitness consultant for corporate programs in connection with exercise and nutrition, and writes health columns for various publications.
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