Antikka’s Transformation Journey- A Story of True Inspiration

Hossam Antika Main

You may know him as the best photographer in town, but what you may not know is that, on the other side of the camera, Antikka had an actual phobia of having his picture taken. Born into an unhealthy lifestyle, he was always relatively overweight. His body was a huge insecurity of his, and he would avoid taking pictures at all costs because he did not like what he saw. His life was a cycle of dieting, losing weight, gaining more weight back on, dieting again … and so on. Diets always made him miserable; he was unhappy and constantly felt like he was missing out. 

Hossam Antika

2 years ago, Antikka had a major change of perspective. After 15 years of trying and failing, he had had enough and was set to transform his life once and for all.

“You have to prove to yourself that you have the willpower to change your life. You alone can build your self-confidence. Once you understand that it’s about challenging yourself and not those around you, great things find their way to you. I had never seen anyone with my “before” body type showcase their transformation journey, and I had to prove to myself that it can be done”

Hossam Antika

Antikka’s journey was by no means an easy one. He started by following up with a nutritionist who helped him lose the first bunch of weight and then integrated workouts and loose skin massages into his routine. Just as he was getting the hang of it, Antikka lost a friend. In his grief, he lost all motivation and ended up gaining 15 kilos of pure fat. Hard as it was, he dug deep and found the will to continue; he fixed his diet, hit the gym, and slowly got back on track. It was not long, though, before Antikka lost yet another friend, this time the friend was so close it was almost incomprehensible. He fell again into a deep well of sadness and loss. It took some time but, as he learned to do, he got himself cleaned up and hit the gym once again. These last 3 months, he put in more effort than he’s ever done, and it shows.

Hossam Antika

“Life is a cycle of ups and downs, and we need to embrace that. We need to understand that there is a low and that we’re going to find it within ourselves to go back up. Allow yourself to fall, but never all the way. There will be times when your body fat percentage is not 10 and that’s okay, you are allowed breaks as long as you get back at it.”

Antikka has learned that being fit is a lifestyle. 2 years of the right mindset got him way farther than 15 years of temporary solutions ever could. He no longer feels deprived and knows how to better balance; he saves his cheat days for important outings, compensates a “bad” meal with an extra hour at the gym, and follows breaks with periods of extra hard work. Today Antikka is happy, fit, and confident as ever.

Hossam Antika

“The journey is tough, but boy is it worth it! I would’ve never imagined that I could one be as in love with my body as I am today. No one tells you about the sweat, the tears, the trips, and the falls, but it’s all part of the journey. Your body will go through so many things you wouldn’t have deemed possible. I watched my fat become loose skin and my loose skin fill up with muscles and it’s almost magical. I still have a little bit of loose skin left, but it’s barely noticeable given how my body looked prior. I guess what I’m trying to say is everything really is possible. Put in the will and the work, and let the results surprise you”

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