Aqua Fitness: get in shape for summer

Aqua Fitness

With summer around the corner we all want to look nice and feel good about ourselves and our bodies. Naturally we start thinking of how to lose these extra winter kilos that unnoticeably crawled into our hips/bellies/arms. And if you think you tried it all – treadmills, dumbbells and regular aerobic classes then it is time you give your body a metabolic shock and try something new – Aqua Fitness.

Several names has been used interchangeably for Aqua Fitness: Aqua Aerobics, Aqua Exercise, Water Aerobics. And you have probably guessed the main idea – it is the type of exercise that takes place in water, usually in a swimming pool. What sets Aqua exercise apart from exercising on land is its safety. It is regarded one of the safest fitness workouts as water buoyancy removes the stress placed on the spine and joints. This is the exact reason why water exercise is used for rehabilitation. It is suitable not only for those who recover from injuries but also for other special needs population: pregnant women, the elderly and the overweight.

In Aqua fitness, you can go hard or you can go easy. One can vary the intensity of the workout by going slower or faster and by opting for extra tools such as gloves and dumbbells that increase resistance. It is suitable even for those who can not swim. Wrapped around the waist, special aqua belt allows one to float in deeper water easily and safely.

So why is Aqua Fitness so effective? Try running on land and in swimming pool. Which one do you think would be harder? That’s right. Any movement in water becomes more difficult due to its density, more difficult meaning energy spent, more calories burnt. Depending on one’s weight and the intensity of the workout, it is possible to burn 145 – 380 in just 30 minutes of water aerobics. Now double that for an hour. It also so to say “kills two birds with one stone”: provides a good workout for your heart and strengthens all major muscle groups to give you that slim and toned look.

Aqua Fitness benefits do not end there. Water pressure helps blood flow to circulate more effectively thus can aid in decreasing blood pressure.In addition to that water provides micro-massaging effect making your muscles relaxed that improves overall flexibility levels. And last but not least it helps to release stress. Watching water in motion has a soothing effect but being in water can be just as relaxing. A study conducted in 2007 found that aqua exercise significantly decreased stress levels and bad mood states in women.

To lose weight, to get fit, to look and feel great all you need is to find an aqua fitness class. Because summer is just around the corner 😉

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