Are They 6 or 8 Packs!


When you watch bodybuilders, famous models and athletes, you might notice that some of them have developed an obvious 8-pack abs while others have 6 pack abs. Is that possible? Are the 8 –pack abs real or are they just an illusion? Do they require more training than the 6 pack training? Can the average joe get an 8-pack?

Getting 8 pack abs depends mostly on genetics. Not everyone can have 8 pack abs. Even those with genetic abdominal division that allows for an eight pack have to work hard to bring out those last two abs. Getting a defined 6 pack or 8 packs requires you to be at a very low bodyfat.  In order to reveal them you need to get rid of that stubborn lower abdominal fat that most people struggle to burn off by eating healthy

The abs are not divided into Upper, middle or lower abs. The Rectus abdominis (abs) is one muscle that functions as a whole. The abs are divided up by connective tissue that is pulled tighter in some places and not in others. The bands act as dividers and give the impression of individual muscles.  And the tissue responsible for separating that extra row of 2 packs (Below the belly button) is a connective tissue that is genetic.

The reason why we all can’t have an eight pack is because we all have a different ab structure, everyone’s abs look different and are unique to them, the thickness and spacing is different on everyone although you can change the thickness/development of your abs you cannot change the basic ab structure.

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