Are you ready for Ramadan?


Few days and Ramadan will be here and getting ready for it doesn’t mean a schedule stick on the fridge with the new recipes you will try. Your body needs to get ready for fasting in order to avoid every year exhaustion. Here are 4 tips you should apply from today for a more comfortable fasting.

1. Reduce caffeine and nicotine intake

Stop Smoking

The headache that we suffer from during the Ramadan day is probably the most irritating problem that faces us in Ramadan. You should start from today reducing your caffeine intake, so you won’t be highly affected during Ramadan. The same goes to smoking, to avoid bad tempers that you go through in Ramadan due to nicotine withdrawal, start reducing cigarettes number.

2. Stop snacking


In order to train your body to Ramadan eating system, start limiting your meal to 2-3 meals and stop snacks. That’s how your body will withstand the hunger during Ramadan day.

3. Change your eating schedule

Eating Time

Minds feel hunger before bodies and minds get hungry by habituation. This means that if you accustomed your mind to a certain eating routine, your body won’t feel hunger in other timings. Therefore, start from today making your breakfast meal as early as possible, so it approaches the Suhoor meal timing. Besides, make your lunch meal as late as possible, so it approaches the Iftar meal timing.

4. Drink detox water


Fasting is a natural detox for your body. However, when it happens suddenly, the body feels tired. That’s why you should start from now detoxing your body by detoxing water. It will help purifying the colon, thus making digestion easier which what you probably need in Ramadan. Moreover, it helps the body to feel lighter which will aid you in the fasting effort.


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