Ascent: Egypt’s First Dedicated Bouldering Facility!

Bouldering Gym

Introducing Ascent, Egypt’s first and largest dedicated indoor climbing facility! They aim to introduce climbing not only as a leisure or activity but also as a professional sport, which you can also add to your daily workout routine, since it improves your fitness, stamina, and flexibility. Ascent’s goal is to create a community that appreciates climbing and soulfully desires to reconnect with nature. Everyone above the age of 5 is welcomed to become part of Ascent’s bouldering community.  Read along to “grasp” it all!

Behind the scenes

Bouldering Gym

The founders of Ascent bouldering gym,  Omar Safar and Youssef Shoukry are both professional climbers, who decided to share their passion through Ascent, creating a community that shares the skills and spirit of a true climber!

Exploration through climbs

bouldering gym

Ascent believes in exploration, and in the idea that walls and boulders are made to be climbed. The facility is designed for individuals who are open to test their capabilities, and get the most out of it, who are fond of a challenge, and aspire to understand more about their minds and bodies. Bouldering is a fun activity that is made for everyone! Both beginners, and professionals, and anyone in between has their own kind of difficulty grade climbs! Ascent provides workshops for beginners and intermediates craving to it to the next level!

Solving a puzzle

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Climbing is essentially like solving a puzzle; it requires focus and tactic in order to successfully climb a unique route each time. You must work your way up one strategic move at a time. You need to study the route to recognize the wall holds and be able to use them to your advantage, and know when and how to shift your body weight to get to each hold. This is where you train your mind!

The Elements of reward

Bouldring Gym

Climbing challenges four major elements within us: Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, which is what makes it so gratifying and empowering. You feel empowered by pushing your boundaries, learn about what your body needs, and see the progress and achievement in climbing each route you never thought you would’ve attempted before.

The climbing Culture

Bouldering Gym

By getting the feel of the sport through Ascent gym, the goal is to eventually create a community that experiences Egypt’s various destinations for rock climbing. A community that connects through nature, discovers the climbing culture, learns more about their bodies and experiences under pressure, and ultimately creates more supportive and inclusive communities within bouldering, which is now a member of the Olympic sports! Training indoors at Ascent is your passport to outdoor climbing! Indoor bouldering is also your best-friend all year-round!

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”

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