Asser El- Sawaf Striking a Decade of Genuine Fitness

Asser Sawaf Befit

The 32 years old athlete, Asser El- Sawaf, graduated from computer engineering in 2011. Shortly after that, he joined the military service in 2012, this was when he took his first certificate, the time that marks the beginning of his fitness career. 

Asser is 10 years now into the fitness field. He used to play sports when he was young but not professionally, that included: tennis, then football. “I was never super-athletic, I was overweight, and the peak of the worst part was in university, I slept poorly, ate junk, and led a regretful lifestyle”.

It Started with Potential

Asser Sawaf Befit

“During my last year in university, I stared going to the gym, and incorporated running into my routine. I enjoyed both activities so much, many people told me I have great potential, so I tried and decided to go for certification. I signed up for the CFT course by the ISSA, I used to go on my day off (Fridays) from my military service in Alexandria, to Golds’ academy in Maadi and return back the same night!”

After his service, Asser trained in HIIT fitness center. He used to assist in spinning groups and other classes. He also coached in a sporting club for a while. “It was difficult at first, I didn’t have guidance, it was a journey of trial and error, some things worked for me, others didn’t”

Hardships are Part of Sailing

Asser Sawaf Befit

“One of the biggest hardships I went through, is career shifting from engineer to coach. It wasn’t very well accepted at the time, despite my family’s support. It took time for the classes to be full, for people to show up, there were days were no one showed, and I would head out. Now it’s different, and I’m grateful for anyone who shows up.”

Chasing Chances 

Asser Sawaf Befit

I traveled to America back in 2014 for the American dream, diving into CrossFit level 1 and 2, and weightlifting. I Stayed for 9 months and came back to Egypt to pursue my fitness career as a full-time career, and leave the family business, which I was part of.  I did my own thing from 2015 to 2016, until Ali Mazhar contacted me on Instagram, he wanted to expand in Alexandria, where I used to live. I met him up to set everything, I coached with him in Sahel, and got to know befit. Ali asked me to visit Cairo until the expanding in Alex opens up. I joined him in 2017 until Alex’s branch opened in 2019. I led Alex’s branch for 2 years, and came back to Cairo in 2021 to Befit in Zayed!

Passion in, Passion out

Asser Sawaf Befit

“I believe you should love your job, you should have added value, and passion. I didn’t feel that in corporate. Now, I wake up every day loving my job, and the people and community around me. I’m very lucky, I’m taking care of my health, body, I see a lot of people, learn from a lot of people, and I’m lucky to be doing what I love every day, even if it’s very physical and takes long hours.  Once you’re on the field you should be positive energy, you should reflect positive energy. Inside the session, I don’t think of anything else but the session.”

An Athlete’s core: Patience and Humbleness 

Asser Sawaf Befit

“People should be patient, success does not happen overnight, as long as you have a vision and a cause, and you’re doing everything you can, be certain that success will come, sometimes it looks different than what you expected, but your hard work will NEVER go to waste.

I would love to advice the junior coaches to not drown in social media and fitness influencers, focusing on videos and looking good, but to truly focus on the core of fitness, on learning, taking courses, and not on being driven to the spotlight of social media. The aim is to help people have a healthy lifestyle and reach their goals!”

Take the first step, and your mind will mobilize all its forces to your aid. But the first essential is that you begin. Once the battle is startled, all that is within and without you will come to your assistance.

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