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Certified Fitness Trainer and Les Mills Instructor.

Losing Fats with Circuit Training

For More Losing Fats And Make All Your Fats Crying Do The Next Circuit Training But Please Notice That These Circuit Training Is Not Valid...
Heavy Weight Training Program

Heavy Weight Training Program (Advanced)

Chest This training is for intermediate to advanced level and it is concentrated on your incline chest.  If you want more results on your incline...
Shoulder Workout Intermediate

Shoulders Workout – Intermediate Level

Shoulders workouts are a necessary thing, not only for your gym life, but mostly important for your real life. They definitely make arms movement...
5 Beginner Running Injuries

5 Beginner Running Injuries and How to Avoid Each

Here are the top 5 beginner running injuries that you should take care of: 1-Runner's Knee Patellofemoral pain syndrome, known as “Runner’s Knee,” is a catchall for...
Biceps & Triceps - Intermediate Level

Amazing ARM Max workout for Intermediate Level

This workout is for Intermediate to advanced level 5 Weeks Workout. Biceps & Triceps Workout z hand on cable curls wide hands 3 Sets 10,8,8 z hand push down cable...
Back workout

Back Workout – Intermediate Level

This workout is for Intermediate to advanced level 5 Weeks Workout. Back Workout Lat pull down cable 4 Sets 10,8,8,6 Seated row machine 3 Sets 10,8,8 Seated row cable 3 Sets 10,8,8 Stretch lat pull down 3 Sets 10,8,8 Reverse...
Chest Workout

Chest Workout – Intermediate Level

This workout is for Intermediate to advanced level 5 Weeks Workout. Chest Workout Chest press bar flat 4 Sets 12,10,8,6 Incline dumbbell press( bench on 30 degree)  4 Sets 12,10,8,6 Incline bar press 4...
Chest Beginners

Chest Workout for Beginners

Start with a high level of strength training in your Chest day, and enjoy the results.   Chest Workout Chest press bar 3 sets 10,8,8 Dumbbell flat press 3 sets 10,8,8 Incline press...
Advanced Training

Legs and Shoulders Advanced level training

Adding Shoulders with legs in the same training day is a very efficient way, as you save your energy level and hit both areas...
Chest and Back Main

Chest and Back for Advanced level training

Chest This training is from intermediate to advanced level and its concentrate on your incline chest if you want more results on your incline chest...
Biceps and Triceps Advanced Trainig

Biceps and Triceps for Advanced level training

This training for advanced level who seeks for more bulking an gaining muscles. First exercise: Superset biceps with another biceps exercise: Dumbbells biceps curls   10 reps half range...
Bodybuilder Training

Bodybuilders advanced level training

This training for gaining more muscle and its for advanced level for whom want to be like a bodybuilders or having a big form...

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