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Cairogyms Team
From certified fitness trainers, to nutritionists, beauty experts, sports figures, makeup artists and writers, comes the team that believes in making your life a better and easier one, through digging deep to get you the right and most beneficial piece of information regarding your health, beauty, and fitness.
Somabay Endurance Fest 2024

Somabay Endurance Festival Returns

Over the past 10 years, The Tri Factory managed to bring thousands of athletes from all over the world together to participate in Somabay Endurance...
Project Blu

Youth-led ‘Project Blu’ Launches Kayak Relay to Clean The Nile & Recycle Plastic!

Witness the power of youth in action! Today, BISC & CAC high schoolers launch 'Project Blu' with an exhilarating Kayak Relay Race. Their mission...
Fibo 2024 Germany

CairoGyms at FIBO 2024: Unleashing Fitness Trends from Germany!

CairoGyms made it to Germany for the 2nd year in a row for a new and epic edition of FIBO, the world's leading trade...
Women Emp 2024 She Inspires Me

She Inspires Me 2024

This March marked the launch of a new edition of CairoGyms' annual #SheInspiresMe campaign. #ShelnspiresMe is a campaign that shines the spotlight on remarkable women....
Women Emp 2024

40 Egyptian Empowering Women to Follow on Instagram in 2024

In honor of Women's Empowerment Month, let's pause to acknowledge the women who are leaving a mark in the realm of health and fitness....
Cairo Marathon 2024

Cairo Marathon: Celebrating 11 Years of CairoRunners

It’s CAIRO MARATHON DAY! We're celebrating 11 years of hitting the streets of Cairo with CairoRunners, and the excitement is off the charts! The race...
Gaza Race 2024

Run for Gaza with The Tri Factory

Incredible turnout and show of support today at the Run For Gaza with The Tri Factory. Participants had the option to choose between a...
Fitness Bloggers Main

40 Egyptian Health Bloggers to Boost Your Wellness & Fitness Journey With

Dive into a realm of well-being with our guide to "40 Egyptian Health Bloggers to Boost Your Wellness & Fitness Journey With." Uncover the...
Saqqara Race 2024

Energy, Excitement, and Memories: The 3rd Edition of Saqqara Pyramid Race

We got to experience the magic of history mixed with the thrill of the run at the 3rd edition of the Saqqara Pyramid Race...
Top Crossfit Main

Unleash Your Inner Athlete: Top CrossFit and Group Training Hubs In Town 2024

Ready to supercharge your fitness journey in 2024? We compiled a list of Egypt's top CrossFit and Group Training hubs that will help you...
Zayed Charity Run

Zayed Charity Run: Racing Towards a Brighter Tomorrow

Racing towards a brighter tomorrow as we sprint to end 2023 on a charitable note! Zayed Charity Run is back for an 8th edition...
ELFIT Championship 2023

ELFIT CHAMPIONSHIP 2023 – 3 days of sheer intensity

60 different countries, 3 final tough workouts for all the categories, 18 categories, 66 podium winners, and 3 days of intense competition .. ElFIT...

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