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Norhan Ahmed Bakr
22 years old, mass comm graduate. I believe in humanity and equality.. I think everyone should have the right to live their lives in their own ways. Different is never less.

The 7 Most Unhealthy Things You Do Every Day

1. Not Getting Enough Sleep When your body doesn’t get enough, it releases many regulatory hormones which can cause stress. Besides increasing the risk of...
Pregnancy Workout

Pregnancy exercise for beginners

The good news is even when you are pregnant you can safely start a workout routine. Even if you have no fitness background before. It's...

Top 10 Squat Mistakes

If you want to see great results in the gym, then adding squats to your workout  routine will help you gain more size and...

How Does Stress Affect Weight Loss

Stress stimulates our bodies to secrete the cortisole hormone, which causes an increase in the abdominal fat and a decrease in the muscle tissue,...
love handles

Lose Your Love Handles in just 10-Minute Workout

Love handles fats can be kinda challenging to get rid of, and for many they may stay as they are even after you’ve lost...
3 Exercises for Weight Loss

3 Exercises for Weight Loss

This daily exercise routine helps you lose weight and perform better as an athlete. 1. JUMPING JACK   To start any exercise you need to warm up...

The Best Indoor Cycling Workout

Indoor cycling burns more than 500 calories in about an hour of working out or maybe less. Want to make it even better? Make...
9 Tips to Encourage Your Children To Eat Well

9 Tips to Teach Your Children Good Eating Habits

Ensure that your children are getting the main nutrients they need but not too many calories with these 9 easy shopping and healthy cooking...
Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Why Am I Not Losing Weight

Do you exert a lot of effort in the gym, following a specific fitness program, however you can’t lose weight. The main factors of...
Gym Injuries

4 Steps to Prevent Gym Injuries

Injuries are obstacles to your goals, they can hinder you from working out, and even doing your daily activities. Too often, injuries occur in...
Fat Burning Cardio Workout

Fat Burning Cardio Workout

  Cardio workout doesn’t necessarily need to be intense, especially when you work on tired muscles from a strong gym training workout. Working on sore...
Beginner Ab Workout

Beginner Ab Workout

Workout Description This abs workout is dedicated for beginners to weight trainers who seek muscle building workouts and strength in their core. It consists of...

Rana El-Hariri – Online Fitness Programs

Rana Program
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