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Norhan Ahmed Bakr
22 years old, mass comm graduate. I believe in humanity and equality.. I think everyone should have the right to live their lives in their own ways. Different is never less.

3 Day Workout For Beginners

Are you a weight training beginner? You don’t know how to start in the gym? Here’s a fitness program for beginners. The program consists...
Step Class


Step class is a high energy and fun fitness class that involves a range of aerobic moves using step techniques to enhance your workout routine. Step...


Pilates is a system of controlled exercises that involve the mind and the body. The flexibility of the training improves postures, helps you to...
safe pregnancy exercise

The 13 rules of safe pregnancy exercise

Exercising during pregnancy has a lot of benefits for your labor and childbirth, but you need to follow a specific gym training program that...
danger during pregnancy exercise

Ten signs of danger during pregnancy exercise

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During pregnancy, you’re carrying more weight, you need to take care and don’t push too hard on your body, however that doesn’t mean to...
Finding A Good Gym

5 Tips For Finding A Good Gym

You got to have a checklist that will help you find a suitable fitness center, follow these rules: 1. Clean Facility: Cleanliness is the first thing...
Be Beach Ready in 4 Weeks

How To Have A “Beach Body” Shape In Only 4 Weeks

We all do the same, once our vacation starts, the first thing that comes to our minds is “How to look fit on the...
No Time for Exercise

No Time for Exercise? 2 Tricks to Burn More Calories

Regular workout cannot be replaced but sometimes you just don’t have enough time to go to the gym to exercise, the good news is...
Working Out with Consistency

Working Out With Consistency

We all search for the best results in the shortest possible time when it comes to our fitness. Consistency is the only key to...
6 WORST things you can do

6 Worst Things To Avoid In The Gym

Mistake #1: Doing Isolated Exercises Building muscles takes you a whole body workout in order to stimulate enough muscle fibers. On the contrary, doing isolated muscle...
Awesome Workout in Only 30 Minutes

How to Have an Awesome Workout in Only 30 Minutes

We all think that heading to the gym regularly will bring us the intended perfect results. It’s not all about going to the gym...

Rana El-Hariri – Online Fitness Programs

Rana Program
1- Customized program – Design Your Body! 2- Hip Dip Filler. 3- Booty building & Booty lifting. 4- Chest Up. 5- Get them, Sexy ARMS!

Train with Ash

Alaa Ashmawi
Coach Allaa Ashmawi Certified Fitness coach, Athlete & Health Enthusiast who had a weight loss transformation journey, jumped into the Fitness industry since 2013. Her first aim as a Fitness coach is to coach you on how to lead...

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