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Hala Fouad
The unusual combination of being opened to people yet loving to spend time alone. Carefree but knows the importance of rules. A Scorpio.
Healthy but tasty

Healthy but Tasty Food

Achieving your fitness goals and dreams come from hard work and paying careful attention to everything you eat. Following nutrition plan means that you...
Nurture Your Hair

4 Main Health Tips to Nurture Your Hair

Your hair is what crowns your beauty and thus you should always take good care of it. Millions of products are out there claiming...
Detox Water Recipes

3 Healthy Detox Water Recipes

Do you need an effective natural cleanser to clean up the mess that has been happening to your body? Maybe you are not well...
Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson’s story of dropping from size 16 to size 6

We all aspire to be like superstars, how they look like, how they dress themselves up but we always fail at following their eating...
Insanity Max 30

Insanity Max 30‏

The craziest 30 minutes of your day for the best results in your life Free only 30 minutes of your time every day and let...
Aly Mazhar

Aly Mazhar “Go get it”

A role model that every Egyptian should just follow, personally; I’m proud he is Egyptian. Let’s have a closer look at that fitness figure’s...

Fitiology – Experience Real Fitness

If you are looking for radical transformation in both body and personality, Fitiology is here for this. It offers different set of programs of...
My Gym

My Gym – Children’s Fitness Center

Who said that gyms are not for everyone? Fitness knows no age or gender. Because even your children can go to the gym too;...
Summer 2015

Rock Your Body in North coast This Summer!

Summer has just started in North coast last week. Everything and everyone is on fire! Those who spent the past 6 months at the...
Lettuceat Feature Image

Let’s Eat Healthy – Lettuceat

Lettuceat Healthy food is not given the proper attention from almost all restaurants; in Egypt we think of salads as an appetizer, that no...
5 Way's Stick To Your Fitness Goals

5 Way’s Stick To Your Fitness Goals

We always hear stories of people who subscribe to a membership at the gym for one year and then visit it twice; once to...
Find Happiness

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Happiness

Ever thought that your current problems are not the end of the world; that there are things you can actually do to get out...

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