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Hala Fouad
The unusual combination of being opened to people yet loving to spend time alone. Carefree but knows the importance of rules. A Scorpio.

CrossFit Egypt

CrossFit is a sport that is ‘constantly varied, using functional movements, at a high intensity.’ It aims to make the daily movements you need...

Kcal, The Healthy Fast Food Crave.

Healthy food means deprivation of all types and varieties of the delicious mouthwatering junk food; this is what mainly each of us believe is...
Female Fitness

3 Misconceptions about Female Fitness

I’ve heard that… Well you don’t have to pass on the false information which you’ve heard of to everyone you know! There are a lot...
Keep Clean

4 Ways To Keep Clean In The Gym.

Gyms can be the reason why you maintain a healthy life, however they can also be the reason for transmitting bacteria to you. 1. Metal bottles...
4 things to avoid while bulking

4 Things To Avoid While Bulking

WHAT TO AVOID WHILE BULKING Fat loss and muscle growth are one package; in order to optimize both there are things you have to avoid...
Chest and Shoulder

Boost Your Testosterone – Chest and Shoulder

Boost Your Testosterone Workout Chest and Shoulder It is a win-win situation where you can achieve both; increasing your testosterone levels and thereby enjoying...
Back and Arm

Boost Your Testosterone – Back and Arm

Boost Your Testosterone Workout Back and Arm No wonder why the back is one of the biggest and strongest bodyparts that when a guy wants...
Muscle Gain no Equipment

3 Days – No Equipment – Muscle Gain Workout

3 Days! No Equipment! Muscle Gain Workout Your schedule is tight? No time to visit the gym? Well no problem; you can have a full body workout...
What to include in Diet

What to Include In Your Diet

An ideal diet plan is the one which doesn’t only help you lose weight but also provides your body with the essential nutrients. It’s easy...

Boost Your Testosterone – Legs

Boost Your TestosteroneWorkout Program Legs While guys always focus their attention on exercises like biceps curls and bench pressing, they forget about how important it...
Uplift Your Manhood

Boost Your Testosterone – Uplift Your Manhood

Testosterone is the heavenly hormone that helps in burning fat also improves mood, sleep, libido, energy, overall health, and quality of life. The fact...
Banana Butter

The Banana Peanut Butter Bulking Shake

Start your day with an indulging mouthwatering protein shake. Who doesn’t like banana? Who doesn’t like peanut butter? Who doesn’t blend them together is missing...

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