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Luciana is an awarded advertising creative director. Over her 16 years in Egypt she created some of its most memorable campaigns. Her new challenge is to bring to women of all ages and shapes the confidence she acquired by being a lady in a men dominated business through her new found passion, Pole Dancing. Luciana recently joined PoleFit Egypt as an instructor and here she joins two of her favorite things, pole and writing.

Warning! Pole dancing can cause addiction!

If you tried pole dancing and you started experiencing any of the below behaviors, watch out! You are getting addicted to pole. 1- ASPD- Anti-Social...
5 true stories on how Pole fitness can make your life easier

5 true stories on how Pole fitness can make your life easier

When talking about Pole fitness benefits, the things that will firstly cross your mind is weight loss, burning calories, or stress. However, Pole fitness...
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All You Ever Wanted to Know about Pole Dancing

I know you are curious. It’s normal. Pole dancing is a relatively new thing in Egypt, but in reality pole has been around for...
Why You Should Try Pole Dance

5 Awesome Reasons Why You Should Try Pole Dance

Whenever I tell people I am a pole dancing instructor, I always hear the same words: Oh my God!!! That’s so cool! I really...

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