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I Have started the social media career 3 years ago and started the motherhood life 9 months ago. I love writing, coming up with new ideas, and many more things I'm still discovering!

5 damages of diet soda you don’t know

"But diet soda please." And you think you are in the safe side. However, diet soda has many damages to health and not even a...
Secret Abs

6 super tips for getting 6 packs

The 6 pack abs is definitely the ultimate goal of many guys around. Every day, many people write articles about the hidden secrets of...
Deers Gym

deers Egypt wellness center, Everything ladies ask for “under one roof” to be fit

What do women want? A big controversial question that we might not find an answer for in a lifetime! But actually what do women want to...

A tantrum at the mall vs. a candy bag, don’t choose the easiest

On very casual day at the mall, your kid will definitely stop you by the candy booth. You find his eyes piercing through all...
Metabolism and Summer

Metabolism and Summer – a strong positive relation

Wandering about the connection? Let me tell you some good news, summer is the best time to speed up your metabolism because hot weather...
Sohour Main

5 healthy Suhoor combinations that will keep you hydrated, full, light, and active

Ramadan day is tight and we only have 2 meals and barely 1 snack a day. That's why we want to make the best...
Ramadan Workout

4 aspects to reconsider for exercising during Ramadan

Ramadan is never meant to be an excuse for suspending exercise. You can work out in Ramadan and make the best out of it...
Plank Article

30 days of plank workout for getting ready for Summer

For any newly mother or just any woman who wants to have some bikini time in summer, there is always one common problem; “The...
Gluten Free main

Places to eat and buy gluten-free food in Cairo

Some think that gluten-free food is for people who have allergy, but the truth is that gluten-free diet has endless benefits and proper digestion...
fitness mistakes to avoid this Summer

5 fitness mistakes to avoid this Summer

We're all receiving Summer with a common goal to lose weight and big enthusiasm to workout and get fit. There are some common mistakes...
Fashionista Main

Spotting sports wear from our favorite fashionistas

Between sore muscles and pursuing breaths, women will still love to be fashionable during working out. No better icons to take after for this...

Hegazy, First egyptian to swim from Jordon to Taba

Most of us have gone through painful moments. Moments that felt like the end of the world. Moments we thought we've reached rock bottom...

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