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Randa El Meliegy

Randa El Meliegy
I am an advocate of mental & physical health with a passion for nutrition and wellness to an OCD expert extent. I dedicate my life to inspiring others to discover their own light by being the best versions of themselves in turn live a happy harmonious life.
Sports and Signs

The Best Sports for your Star Sign?

Aries (March 21 – April 19) Competitive, adrenaline junkies need extreme sports with a degree of danger. Sky Diving or Rock Climbing or Mountain Climbing....
Farah Nofal Main

Unlock Your Full Potential With Farah Nofal

Farah Nofal is a ray of sunshine that brightens your day currently in an 11:00 am morning class in Telal at the Eden Wellness...
Indjy el Solh Main

How Indji El Solh Keeps Revolutionizing Fitness

International Celebrity trainer & nutritional management expert Indji El Solh is widely recognized by everyone is fervently building her fitness empire from Galleria 40...
Nina Main

Nina Kabbany: The Yoga Influencer You Need to Follow!

Founder of Zen K Studio, Nina Kabbany a peaceful warrior is twice certified from the Vikasa Yoga Retreat in Thailand. She can be found...

The Clarity Cleanse is the Catalyst for Change!

Dr.Habib Sadeghi’s book, The Clarity Cleanse: 12 Steps to Finding Renewed Energy, Spiritual Fulfillment, and Emotional Healing – he shows the paradigm-shift of taking...
Losing Weight Main

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? Weight Loss Solutions that Work!

Why am I not losing weight? The frustrating timeless question you annoyingly counting calories and being mindful of portion sizes while working out for...

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