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Riham Masoud

Riham Masoud
A certified Level 1 Crossfit coach who has passion in sports, music and dance. Founder, managing director, and head coach at Crossfit MonkeyBars. A part of HERs instructors team, and ELFIT challenge 2014 first winner. Also claimed the title "Egypt Fittest Woman" of 2014.
9 months Partner WOD

The 9 months Partner WOD

(Disclaimer: This post is not intended as medical advice. Every situation and every pregnancy are different, so please consult your doctor for guidance.) The biggest...
Survive Ramadan Article

How to survive Ramadan without gaining weight? By Riham Masoud

Ramadan has been a challenge for most of us to maintain our weight and our fitness levels. I could list some of the excuses...
BodyBuilding Vs Crossfit Main

Take your pick, CrossFit or Bodybuilding?

The endless debate between CrossFit and Bodybuilding and which is better for your body in terms of physique, performance, training…etc. both are so different...

Golden rules of Muscle Building

Muscle building is science but is not science fiction; you just need to follow some rules in order to achieve your fitness goals of...
Strong enough for Tire flippin

Strong enough for Tire flippin?

Don’t you just get all excited when you read the word “Tireflips” on the whiteboard at your gym?  It’s always fun to incorporate unconventional...
Bodyweight training

Bodyweight training – when there’s no equipment around

There’s no excuse for not working out if you’re on a vacation, on a business trip, the weather is bad, all the circumstances that...

The Ultimate Battle Ropes Exercise

When you see the word “rope” in a workout, your brain automatically associates ropes to rope climbing or rope pulling.  There are so many...
How to Train for Bar Muscle Up

How to Train for Bar Muscle Up

The Muscle-up -rings or bar- for a gymnast is the movement that get him/her over the bar/rings in order to start performing their routine....
Got Stress Try Yoga

Got Stress? Try Yoga

The word “Stress” is becoming an essential part of our every day’s cycle. No matter what age group you are, you will probably get...

Are They 6 or 8 Packs!

  When you watch bodybuilders, famous models and athletes, you might notice that some of them have developed an obvious 8-pack abs while others have...
Full body Workout Using a Pull up Bar

Learn How to Perform a Full body Workout Using a Pull up Bar

Using only a Pull up bar, you could have a full body workout. Pull up bars are not made only for pull ups. There...
Plyometrics Workouts main

Awesome Surprising Benefits for Plyometrics Workouts

Before going into details of the best plyometrics exercises, let’s start off by understanding what is Plyometrics? What are the benefits of the plyo...

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