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This is Sara. A-24 year old passionate marketer and a loving wife. I enjoy travelling, reading, writing, and cooking and I am very excited for life.
Tokyo 2020 Egypt


After being postponed due to covid last year, Tokyo 2020 is now Tokyo 2021 and it’s almost here. The Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games will feature...
Hydrated During Ramadan

5 Ways To Stay Hydrated During Ramadan Days

Ramadan calls for action, healthy habits, and with summer hitting its rays of heat on us, HYDRATION! Here are 5 ways to keep your...
Immunity Boosters Main

14 Foods to Boost Your Immunity this winter

HealthyNatural Foods
Given the instability of the weather and the indecision of winter this past period, it is important to protect our bodies from the risk...
Black Friday Article MAin

Black Friday 2019: A Step Closer to 2020 Goals

Black Friday is right around the corner. Now is the time to join a gym, renew your membership, or just try a new class....
Pole Dancing and Flex Main

Top Pole Dance, Flexibility, and Pilates studios in town

It's always good to change up your workouts every once in a while. It keeps things interesting. We present to you some of the...
Top Studio in Cairo

Top Dance and Fitness Studios around Cairo to elevate your workout

If gyms are not your thing or if you want to take your workouts to the next level, you need to be familiarized with...
14 Tricks to Drink More Water

14 Tricks to Drink More Water

“It is vital for all known forms of life”. For humans specifically, water is essential for various physiological functions, physical performance optimization, radiant skin, and weight...
Mosalsalat Ramadan Hogan

Lead Actors Who Aced Their Physique In Ramadan 2019

Another round of TV drama hit our TVs over a week ago. Now that we have seen a few episodes here and there, it's...
Places to Run in Cairo

9 Places to lightly Jog Before Iftar

The Holy month is here alas, but who said you can’t boost up your endorphins a little bit before Iftar?  Running before breaking your fast is one...

A quick recap of the fitness scene in 2018: the best moments of the...

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2018 was rich with good events. This year, we were all over Egypt. From Sokhna to Sahl Hasheesh to Alexandria and further. Here...

Eslam Abuali: the first Egyptian paratriathlete to compete in Ironman 70.3 Middle East Championship...

Back in 2009, a young man had just finished his 4-year study at the faculty of commerce. He, like most his age, got a...

November events: more time outdoors before winter

Many events will take place during the coming days. We totally recommend you check them out. This is the perfect time to spend time outdoors...

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