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Somaya Essam
On a never-ending journey of discovery. Health and fitness enthusiast.
Amina El Sebelgy Main

Amina El Sebelgy: the Egyptian swimmer who excelled at the African Games

Winner of 3 Silver medals in the relays and the 6th place in the 50 free at the last African Games and account executive...
Protein For Vegans

Find your way around: Plant-Based Protein Sources in Egypt

While you may not easily be able to find stuff like mycoprotien and tempeh in the Egyptian market, Egypt’s cuisine is naturally rich in...
Sherif Swimmer

Cherif Fathy: The Egyptian Open Water Swimming Pioneer on the Verge of Breaking Records

Open water Swimming is back Founder of Boost Swimming Academy back in 2017, head coach, and organizer of the first private open water swimming event...
Sports Wear

Cairo’s One-Stop Sporting Shops You Want to Check Out

We’ve compiled a list of Cairo’s multi-brand sports shops that offer a very wide variety of products. You can find all the sports goods you need...
Vape Death Main

Vaping: Between Death and Conspiracy Theories

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has just confirmed the 9th vape-related death and over 400 serious lung illnesses in the United States. Created initially...
Jallabina Workshop

Europe’s Latest Obsession Jallabina is Finally Coming to Egypt!

By mixing Middle Eastern dance with fitness, Jallabina Workout has reached huge success in Europe. The program is finally making its way to the Middle East,...
Food Container Guide

The Egyptian Guide to Food Containers

HealthyNatural Foods
Summer is over and everyone’s back to work, and school. Because it is important to stay energized during the day, we have put together a simple...
African Games

Egypt Breaks Records and Ranks First in African Games 2019

In the 12th edition of the African Games that took place in Rabat, Morocco this August, Egypt broke records for the most won medals...
The Fab Yoga - New Cairo Main

Lousiana & Diana Faaberg: The Two Yoga Sisters behind “The Faab Space”

Brought together by their love for yoga, the two sisters Diana and Lousiana launched The Faab Space Just two weeks ago. We spoke to...
Weight loss and scale

5 Ways the Scale Can Fool You

Throughout the years, the leading marker of health and fitness has always been the scale. Although your weight is a huge indicator of how...

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