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Victoria Haig
10 years in the Health & Fitness Industry as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist in Madrid, Beijing, and now Cairo. Since arriving to Egypt in late 2013 Victoria has continued her professional journey. As a specialist in fat loss, muscle gain and lifestyle coaching Victoria has personally helped countless people get into the best shape of their lives – her greatest asset is her ability to foster a loyal customer base with extremely high customer retention.
5 Reasons to Take your Workout Outside

5 Reasons to Take your Workout Outside

Sometimes you simply don´t feel like hitting the gym or for that matter seeing the same people every day. Exercising outdoors will give you a...
Aia Fahim - Yoga

Cairo Gyms Exclusive Interview with Aia Faham – The Yoga Guru

Aia Faham has movie star good looks and a positive outlook to match. Her insatiable passion for Yoga is well documented in her beautiful Instagram account....
Instagram Fitness

Doing it for the ´Gram

Social media has become the go to space for anyone and everyone interested in health and fitness, so much so it’s hard to evaluate...
Fasting Power

Fast Feast Sleep into Fast & Fuel Up for a Fitter You

Advicetips and advices
The impact of fasting on our bodies was previously misunderstood and somewhat unexplored however a recent wave of studies has revealed some unexpected findings. Although...
Female Fitness in Ramadan

Female Fitness in Ramadan

With the rise in popularity of exercise among women in Cairo, some women are using Ramadan as a chance to start a new, healthier...
Bikini Bomob


Summer 2018 is around the corner and all too soon you´ll be examining your swimwear and wondering why you don´t feel more confident. Well...
Love and Bodybuilding

Love and Body Building

When you are in love with the iron And therein lies the crux of a gym rats / addicts relationship problems, lifting has an addictive...
Morad Rabi3 Main

An interview with Maryam Rifaii: the fitness figure and diabetic beauty queen

Maryam has multiple reasons to keep fit, first and foremost she’s a diabetic - this factor alone makes her a very interesting candidate for...
Anas Personal Trainer

Get to know Anas: The manager, the athlete, and the life changer

Renowned as the king of functional fitness Anas has made quite a name for himself as the trainer de mode in Cairo today. Gold’s...
Monika Mansour Main

An Interview with the sportswear designer and athlete Monika Mansour

There is always that one girl in every gym that you feel impressed by - she’s fit she’s beautiful and frankly you’re a little...
Amr Mohsen

An interview with The First Fit Pharaoh: Amr Moshen

Ever wanted to approach someone at the gym and know a bit more about their training, well we at Cairo Gyms have got you...
Ayman Omar

An interview with Ayman Omar: Founder of Athletics for Life

Have you ever wanted to approach someone at the gym and know a bit more about their training, well we at Cairo Gyms have...

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