Avoid those lines around your mouth

Avoid those lines around your mouth

Avoid those lines around your mouth

The deep annoying lines that grow around your mouth which become more visible as we age; the primary reason you might develop them is genetically so if your mother, father or your older sibling have them there is probably big chance you will develop them too. Secondary factors that can lead to puppet lines include loss of collagen and elastin, weight fluctuations, sun exposure and smoking.

Prevention is the best medicine

Keep the collagen and elastin below the surface of your skin strong through:

  1. Protecting your skin from the sun
  2. Eating lots of antioxidant rich foods such as berries, broccoli and carrots.

safe sun

Maintain your weight

Significant weight fluctuations can lead to the appearance of those lines around your mouth, not to mention stretch marks as well.

Maintain your weight


Avoid smoking

Chemicals in smoke can destroy collagen and elastin.

Stop Smoking


Use a retinol or retinoid cream

Retinol slowly thickens the deeper layers of the skin, while thinning out the superficial layers. Making the skin look more youthful.


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