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Aya Tayeb Crossfit

Aya El Tayeb, a 28 years old lady, has dedicated a few years of her life to accomplish an 82 Kgs weight loss. Her main driving force is beyond social norms, she wanted to improve her quality of life by taking action into bettering her health.

Q1 – Losing 82 Kgs is without doubt a difficult thing to do, why and how did you decide in the first place to take that step?

It was indeed very difficult to take this step and start the journey. I took that decision because since I was a little girl I experienced back and knees pain the entire time. How I settled on starting was due to a rough call, I have visited the doctor with my mother due to excessive backache, and he told her if I did nothing about my body, I was going to die by arteriosclerosis.

Q2 – What is your weight and height right now, and how long did it take you to get here?

I weight about 68 Kgs right now; my height is 164 cms. It took me 5 years of dieting and CrossFit.

Q3 – How did you get here, other than the persistence, what has been going on behind the scenes (at the gym)?

I actually started going to the gym when my weight was 150 kgs, however I got fed up of the gym too soon, I personally found it too boring. I later started CrossFit in CrossFit engine 38, to be honest, coach Mourad Gaber trained me from scratch; I wasn’t able to do many exercises, including pushups. After 3 years of CrossFit, I am now an athlete who performs all CrossFit motions pretty well. It was difficult at first to keep up, but I am way better now.

Q4 – Have you ever felt like quitting midway?

Yes, I was about to quit to perform the balloon operation, but my doctor advised against it. I had help with nutrition by Dr. Rowana Badry, while she and Coach Mourad Gaber greatly influenced me to disregard the operation option.

Q5 – How do you feel about yourself now?

I feel grateful, and proud of myself for not taking the easy way (operations), which many people take nowadays.

Q6 – How would you motivate people who to reach results like yours?

I would motivate anyone who considers taking this path by my transformation pictures, and by telling them that exercising is the secret. They must overcome the weariness at first and commit to working out, because although following a diet is important, there will be no true change without training.

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