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What is Vessyl?

Vessyl is a cup; but it’s not like any cup you’ve ever set eyes on. The Vessyl is the world’s first smart cup, it can tell you what you’re drinking, how many calories in your drink and even how many times you need to drink. All of this shows up via an LED screen on its side. It doesn’t stop there! With the help of an iPhone app, the Vessyl also aggregates data about the needed protein for your body.

Vessyl cup is your mate

It records your drinking habits, tells you if you’re drinking too much or too little. The Vessyl might also be able to tell users if anything they’re drinking contains contaminants, or even simple things like whether milk has gone bad. Brilliant isn’t it?

The astonishing gadget took 7 years to design it

Why Vessyl?

Lee the CEO says this name speaks to the fundamental function of all our glasses, tumblers, mugs and water bottles—all containers this is meant to replace.

How does it work?

It’s all about sensors; the entire interior of the cup has been surrounded by sensors. All you have to do is pour a drink in and the Vessyl automatically analyzes its nutritional content, displaying calories on the container itself and more detailed information through the app.

Why would people need something like Vessyl?

For those who want to know their protein intake in order to bulk up or for the ones who want to monitor what they’re drinking in order to lose weight.

If you’re pregnant, you will probably need Vessyl, so that you can monitor your caffeine levels.

Therefore Vessyl works for almost everyone.

Why not just check the nutritional labels on the sides of the things?

Vessyl helps you keep track of what you’re drinking through the mobile APP as it’s difficult to memorize how many calories you’re having in each drink.

How much is it?

Vessyl costs 119 USD

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