Best things to eat and to avoid before a workout


Eating the wrong food before your workout is as bad as exercising on an empty stomach. In the second you don’t have the needed energy and in the first the energy is not consumed in the right thing. That’s why we’re bringing you the best foods to eat before a workout and the worst foods to avoid.

Don’t eat

  • Beans

    beansOr any other legumes because they will fill you up so you won’t perform well during your workout.


  • Spicy food

jalapenosThey will make you suffer from indigestion and heartburn during the workout which will hinder your performance.


  • A chocolate cupcake

    chocolate cupcakeIt seems for many people that the best time to eat something like this before a workout as you will burn its calories. However, it’s not the best choice as although it has a high dose of sugar and this will give you quick energy, it will burn up quickly too leaving you sluggish.


  • Salty food

    potato chipsBecause they will definitely leave you dehydrated which cause cramps too.



  • Bananas

    BananasThey are rich in both fast-acting carbohydrates that will fuel your body and potassium that will aid in maintaining muscles.


  • Oats

    OatsOats are rich in fibers which helps in a steady release of the carbohydrates into the bloodstream, thus a steady energy supply during the whole time of the workout.


  • Coffee

    CoffeeCoffee gives energy and increases the rate of burning fats.


  • Dried fruits

    Dried fruitsIt’s a very good choice to eat minutes prior to your workout as it contains simple carbs that will give you energy without weighing you down.


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