Beware Of The Kahk Scale

Happy Eid 2019

We have cleansed our bodies during Ramadan, and it’s time to devour in Eid goodies! A well deserved breakfast with tea to start our celebration! Our mothers and grandmothers start out early in the kitchen with their most sacred recipes of Kahk, Ghurayeba (butter cookies), cookies, and petit four!

To help you out with having enough, and only just enough, we have scanned through the sweets!


  • 100-150 calories
  • How to burn one:   17 mins cycling or 11 mins running  

Ghurayeba (butter cookies)

  • 80-90 calories
  • How to burn one:   12 mins cycling or 8 mins running


  • 90-100 calories
  • How to burn one:   13 mins cycling or 9 mins running

Petit four

  • 90 calories
  • How to burn one:  13 mins cycling  or 9 mins running
  • You can also decrease the calories in your Eid sweets if you decrease the amount of sugar and butter used to make them!

Sources : Myfitnesspal, Nutritionix, myfooddiary