Biceps and Triceps for Advanced level training

Biceps and Triceps Advanced Trainig

This training for advanced level who seeks for more bulking an gaining muscles.

First exercise:

Superset biceps with another biceps exercise:

Dumbbells biceps curls


10 reps half range with

z-bar horse seated

3 sets 10,8,8 with raising weight each set.

Second 2 exercises:

Superset again but triceps with another triceps exercise:

z-bar skull crusher with straight bar 

push up while laying on bench

10,8,8 and also raise weight each set.

Third: 1 exercise biceps:

z-hand cable biceps curls 3 Sets 10,8,8 raise weight each set.

Fourth: 1 exercise triceps:

z-hand cable push down triceps extension

3 Sets

10,8,8 raise weight each set.

Fifth: Superset biceps with triceps:

 rope cable hammer biceps curls 

z-hand cable reversed triceps extension 3 sets

10,8,8 raise weight each set.

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