Bodyweight training – when there’s no equipment around

Bodyweight training

There’s no excuse for not working out if you’re on a vacation, on a business trip, the weather is bad, all the circumstances that prevent you from going to the gym or just any other excuse you could creatively come up with.

Having limited space or not having equipment are also not an option for not working out. Whether you’re aiming for volume or intensity, you could achieve both with no equipment at all. Your body weight is all the equipment you need.

body weight training

I’m going to list some exercises that you could do in a very tight space and with no equipment. Just make sure you have proper ventilation and that there are no obstacles in your space.

1. The infamous Burpee:



It’s the “love-hate relationship” as some may call it. It’s a great full body exercise that targets all muscle groups; arms, legs, back and core as well as enhancing your endurance. You could do Burpee to broad jumps, burpee to high knee jump, burpee to box jump, burpee to lunge

2. The beloved Squat:


The squat is one of the most frequently used functional movements in our daily lives. It is basically sitting down and standing up. The squat is one of the greatest exercises that work your hamstrings, glutes, quads, core arms and back. Squats are you best friend when it comes to toning and strengthening the legs. There are several variations to the squat. You could play around with the Squat stance (narrow,wide). You could perform leg flies or knee raises after each squat. You could do wall sits (lift one leg up to make it harder then switch). You could play around with the time intervals (30 sec work/30 sec rest, Tabata 20/10).

3. The Planks family:


The mother of all core exercises. As simple or easy as it may seem, a Plank is one of the most important core exercises that you should master. The plank is an important prerequisite to the Push-up. If you have a bad plank then you should be trying to do push-ups unless you master the plank. Planks work your entire body; arms, legs, shoulder, back and abs. In order to maintain a perfect plank position to stabilize your spine, you need to use your entire body. To make the plank more challenging, you could play around with the time intervals or the plank variations or both.

4. The Push-up:


The first upper body exercise that you should master before even thinking of doing a pull-up. It has fast effective results. The push-up works your Pectoralis Major (Pecs), triceps, biceps, upper back, core, anterior deltoids (shoulders).

5. The Rope:

Jump Rope


The lightest and smallest piece of equipment that you could easily pack anywhere you go. There are so many exercises you could do with a skip rope. Single unders, double unders, jumping jacks, single leg unders, triple unders, crosses just to name a few. Rope jumping is a great Cardio-vascular workout and works mostly on coordination. If you’re not at it, it requires practice, patience and persistence. It’s a great way to burn lots of calories.

6. Handstands/Handstand Push ups/ Handstand walk practice:

handstand push-ups

You don’t usually walk around and see people walk on their hands but when you do, you should be considering joining them. Handstand holds is a great exercise that focuses on your core and balance in addition to upper body strength. Your arms should be strong enough to handle your own body weight. You could start doing handstands supported by a wall keeping your core, and glutes tight and locking the arms. Once you master it, you could start working on your Handstand Pushups and practice your Handstand walks. Please accept the fact that you’ll be falling down a lot. Don’t give up! You must remain persistent and patient and you’ll get there.

7. Animal walks:

animal walk

If you don’t mind people staring at you while doing them, then go ahead and rock the floor. Animal walks improve your coordination dramatically, muscle endurance, flexibility and overall fitness.

8. Yoga:

yoga poses - Cobra Pose position (bhujangasana)

If you are seeking a slower pace workout, then you should try a full hour of Yoga in the open air. If you’re a Yoga guru and you know how to do sun salutations, body-balancing postures, and strengthening core postures, then you’ll have another full body workout that improves your muscle tone, flexibility; promotes positive energy and finally relaxation.

Here are some suggestions of workout plans that you could follow:

* 300 Burpees for time

* 3 Rounds for Time:

100 Double Unders/ 200 Single Unders

100 Squats

50 Push-ups

50 m Roving Planks

* 20-30-40-50


Split Jumps/Lunges

10m Bear Crawl between rounds

* Tabata 8 rounds of (20sec/10sec)

20 sec: Squats

10 sec: 5 Push ups

* Plank variations for 5 min (No rest in the middle)

* Tabata Handstand Hold

Mix it up or just come up with your own routine, the sky is the limit!

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