Bonding Over Fitness: Nurdan Suleyman Shares Her Fit Pregnancy Inspirational Story

Nurdan Main

Nurdan Suleyman is a polyglot lifestyle blogger whose mission is to spread positivity and help people fall in love with who they are. The 26 year old runner recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, and she’s here to tell us the story of her pregnancy.

What do sports mean to you?


Sports have been a part of my life ever since I was a child. I enjoyed them a lot and would always try all sorts of different sports. I had always loved looking strong and healthy.

Were you able to continue working out during the pregnancy?

Nurdan Suleyman

When I got pregnant I didn’t stop running or swimming. It was quite challenging, but I knew I couldn’t stop. I had to stay fit and healthy for me and for my baby. I used to document my pregnancy through my blog, and I received a lot of hateful, negative comments about my workouts. I got messages telling me that “you’re going to lose your baby” “your pregnancy won’t last” “your belly is too tiny, go see a doctor””sports are going to kill your baby”. It was hard, but I knew what I was doing. I was following up with a doctor and had the medical permission to do all that I was doing. My baby’s health and wellbeing were, of course, my priority, and I wouldn’t have possibly done anything to sacrifice that. 

How was the delivery?

Nurdan Suleyman

My delivery wasn’t easy, but what really pushed me through it was the exercise that I practiced during my pregnancy. I was able to take longer, deeper breaths and had the strength to keep pushing, all thanks to my daily workouts. Yoga, swimming, and running gave me the patience and the power to undergo 2 days of labor with strength and positivity.

What did you walk away with from this experience?

Nurdan Suleyman

Women’s bodies really are made of miracles, and it’s truly amazing how exercise can make you feel. Serena Williams once said “you have to believe in yourself when no one else does” and it’s been echoing in my head all throughout my journey.

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