Build the Perfect Circuit Workout

perfect circuit workout

Imagine a workout routine that mixes cardio and strength training in only 30 minutes. It also can be customized to help you reach your fitness goals. Sounds perfect? So, here are six easy steps to help you build your perfect circuit.

Step 1: Select your time limit.

Circuit training is simply a workout that you repeat the number of times you want. So you can decide how many circuits you can include in your day according to your time. Think of a workout that lasts around 10-45 minutes. For example, five stations of 1-minute each repeated for six circuits adds up to a 30-minute workout.

Step 2: Pick an upper-body exercise.

The trick with circuit training is to use whatever you have handy. If you’re at the gym, you have a lot of options, but first you should pick up an upper body exercise routine, you can change that routine or keep it each time, it’s up to you.

Try This:


  • Circuit 1: Shoulder presses
  • Circuit 2: Bent-over rows
  • Circuit 3: Standing dumbbell curls
  • Circuit 4: Triceps dips Circuit
  • Circuit 5: Pushups Circuit
  • Circuit 6: Russian ab twists



Step 3: Pick a lower-body exercise.

Just like you did with the upper body, choose exercise routine that will work each muscle in your lower body. You can change your routine each time you go through the circuit workout or just keep them as they are.


Try This:

  • Circuit 1: Walking lunges
  • Circuit 2: Sumo squats
  • Circuit 3: Calf raises
  • Circuit 4: Hamstring curls on a Swiss ball
  • Circuit 5: Deadlifts
  • Circuit 6: Supermans


Step 4: Pick a compound exercise.

To complete your workout and reach the result you want, you’ll need to get your heart rate up by adding in some total-body exercises.

Try This:


  • Circuit 1: Jumping lunges
  • Circuit 2: Mountain climbers
  • Circuit 3: Thrusters (squat to shoulder press)
  • Circuit 4: Cleans
  • Circuit 5: Bench hop-overs
  • Circuit 6: Single-arm swing


Step 5: Choose a sprint for 1 minute.

Short, fast sprints are the most effective way to tackle your body fat especially around your mid parts. Choose any type of cardio you like and go ahead for 1 minute.

Try this:

rope jumping

  • Circuit 1: Running
  • Circuit 2: Jumping rope
  • Circuit 3: Rowing
  • Circuit 4: Cycling
  • Circuit 5: Up-hill jogging
  • Circuit 6: Stair climbing


Step 6: Rest for 1 minute.

Get a one-minute rest, then you can repeat the whole circuit workout again the number of times you want.


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