Cairo Gyms Fel Balad – A New Challenge is Hitting Town

CairoGyms Fel Balad

In a one of its kind campaign, and for the first time in Egypt, Cairo Gyms will be touring the gyms and fitness centers of Cairo and Giza! Starting March of 2020, we will be all around town bringing people together and having the times of our lives.

Cairogyms fel Balad will take place at some of the city’s top gyms (Gold’s gym, World gym, SamiaAllouba, … etc.), where we will be visiting the gyms, conducting challenges, testing limits, unleashing potential, taking the best photos and video, celebrating winners, and handing out giveaways.

CairoGyms Fel Balad

With around 20 gyms and CrossFit entities taking part in the campaign, Cairo Gyms fel Balad will definitely be the biggest challenge in town. Update your calendars and stay tuned .. you don’t want to miss it out.

CairoGyms Fel Balad


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