CairoRunners’ 5K Virtual Run – Ramadan’s Newest Blessing

Cairo Runners Virtual 5K

In the giving spirit of Ramadan, and amidst the ongoing pandemic, Cairorunners and Banque Du Caire are joining forces in an amazing initiative: The 5K Virtual Run. The 5K virtual run is a campaign that encourages people to solo-run 5 kilometers during the 24 hours of Wednesday 20-05-2020. Through their campaign, Cairorunners and Banque Du Caire are allowing Egyptians to support Ahl Masr Hospital in producing protective clothing and medical equipment to be distributed to hospitals that need them most. The goal is to collect 5000 coins -a coin for every meter- on the Streak app, and for every collected coin, Banque Du Caire will donate 10 EGP to Ahl Masr Hospital. Joining is 100% free of charge, but those who’d like to can pay 200 L.E in donations and earn themselves 5K run medals!

Cairo Runners

The steps are simple:

  1. Go to the Cairorunners website and fill the form
  2. Check your e-mail for your race number
  3. Download / take a screenshot of your race number
  4. Download Strava App to record your runs
  5. Download Streak App-Run for Good
  6. Sync your Strava Account to Streak App
  7. Get your running shoes ready on 20-05-2020 and solo-run your 5K over the 24-hour course
  8. Import your run on Streak
  9. Post your run using #BDCVirtualRun #20520 tagging Cairorunners, Banque Du Caire and Ahl Misr to get reposted 10- Enjoy supporting daily employment and wait for your medal
Cairo Runners

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