Cairo’s Top Healthy Food Restaurants

Cairo's Top Healthy Food Restaurants

Eating outside your home is no longer a big deal, as long as you keep on following your healthy diet. Here is a list of Cairo’s top healthy food options that will make you abandon fast food.


Taking charge of our health and wellness, without compromise on choice, ease, speed and convenience can be obtained by making small, sustainable lifestyle changes. In Kcal, you can find the dishes you used to like but they are rather made with healthy nutrients. There are a variety of dishes, from salads, wraps, and sandwiches, to pasta, and burger, all served under the No-Fry strict policy of the restaurant.



The good thing about Goodcal, is that they are conveniently putting calorie count of each dish on the menu, and they serve a variety of healthy eats; salads, wraps, and pasta dishes.


Diet House


Diet House are specialized in making each unhealthy dish in a healthy manner, they succeeded in making pizzas at under 400 calories, and pasta dishes for 300 calories. So it’s really delicious and healthy at the same time.


The Vegan Kitchen

The Vegan Kitchen serve super healthy food, and not just vegan, but gluten free and organic as well.




Lettuceat makes a full meal out of what you think is just salad. A salad there contains vegetables, carbs, and proteins; every salad comes with its special healthy ingredients not to mention the mouthwatering dressings they have.

They don’t only offer salads! Out there you can find wraps, sandwiches, soups, desserts and drinks. All are served to you carefully with low calories and healthy components. You can spend a whole day there and go home guilt and gluten free.



Top quality produce and the freshest health foods in Egypt. Featuring a super-sourced salad bar, cold pressed juices, Greek yogurt creations, and plenty more nourishing products, inSeason delivers the goods you need to feel fully energized and always fresh.


Cairo Kitchen

You still can get the taste of the Egyptian home-style food while you’re outside, Cairo Kitchen has healthy options, as well as the well-known Egyptian dishes that we all love. Cairo Kitchen is known for their Koshury for example, but you can order it with brown rice though.


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