Calories of the chocolates you love

Chocolate Calories

I love chocolates, but I’m on a healthy diet.

This is a common conflict for all chocolate lovers who are keen on following a healthy diet. However a healthy diet doesn’t mean starving yourself from the food you love to find that after a couple of months you can’t stick to this diet. The idea is portion control! You can eat what you want but with control of portions. You can also make a chocolate a pre workout meal as you will burn it and avoid eating it after 7 pm. In order to eat chocolates and keep your healthy diet in control, check your favorite chocolates’ calories.

  • Bounty: 134 calories

    Bounty chocolate

  • Flake: 171 calories

    flake chocolate


  • Maltesers: 187 calories



  • Kit Kat: 184 calories

    kit kat chocolate


  • Galaxy: 229

    galaxy chocolate


  • Mars: 242 calories

    Mars chocolate


  • Twix: 250 calories

    Twix chocolate


  • Kinder Bueno: 244 calories

    Kinder Bueno chocolate


  • Snickers: 280 calories

    Snickers chocolate



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