Can Anyone Train At Home?

Train at home now with the Fit One Program

Can anyone train at home? A question that always pops up in our minds, the answer is YES, anyone can train at home, as long as they have workout routine guide, if anyone can train at their home by full two-month routine with full nutrition specific for that workout, they can truly see results, and what’s different in our program is that it is customized and full, not just as YouTube videos that show jump jacks and some abs.

So we are providing full home training and nutrition plan, and we only work with healthy recipes and high rate safe exercises which are only tailored for you, not anyone else.

So we can make a try as one day of the 60 days as upcoming example
At this routine we will train with:

Two Bottles







One Travel bag (small one)


Home chair







This routine is for 10 exercises, you do one set of each and then repeat all over again and that’s will be for 4 sets

  1. Squat on sofa (30 repetition)
  2. Bottles biceps curl (30 repetition)
  3. Lunges on chair (20 repetition each legs)
  4. Bottles overhead extension (30 repetition)
  5. Bag rotation squat (30 repetition)
  6. Burpees (15 repetition)
  7. Lying down overhead extension (skull crushes) (30 repetition)
  8. Squat hold (hold for 1:30 min)
  9. Kneeling push-ups on floor close hand (15 repetition)
  10. Travel bag sit ups (30 repetition)


This exercise routine is for everyone, but what exactly do we customize. What if you have injury or have hypertension or feel pain somewhere! Here comes our main role, is that we are customizing online training and nutrition for you so no need for personal trainer fees or to pay a lot for the gyms, instead, you can train at home with your own home equipment, we only customize healthy safe programs and only for you not anyone else, and for iforma program it doesn’t have to be only for you but it could be for your mom and dad or for you grandfather or grandmother.


To order your customized program and nutrition check now The FitOne and you can follow us on social media now to get all the new information about new training techniques and new ideas.


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