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Chest This training is for intermediate to advanced level and it is concentrated on your incline chest.  If you want more results on your incline chest this training will is suitable for you.   Note: When using an incline chest press, you...
This workout is for Intermediate to advanced level 5 Weeks Workout. Chest Workout Chest press bar flat 4 Sets 12,10,8,6 Incline dumbbell press( bench on 30 degree)  4 Sets 12,10,8,6 Incline bar press 4 Sets 12,10,8,6 Flys on butterfly  4 Sets 12,10,8,6 Flat dumbbell press  4 Sets 10,8,8,6 Decline cable flys 4 Sets 12,10,8,6  
Boost Your Testosterone Workout Chest and Shoulder It is a win-win situation where you can achieve both; increasing your testosterone levels and thereby enjoying a better intimate life also you can finally have the explosive chest and shoulder that...
Start with a high level of strength training in your Chest day, and enjoy the results.   Chest Workout Chest press bar 3 sets 10,8,8 Dumbbell flat press 3 sets 10,8,8 Incline press bar 3 sets 10,8,8 Incline dumbbell press 3 sets 10,8,8 Dumbbell flys 3 sets 10,8,8 Decline bar press 3 sets 10,8,8    
Chest This training is from intermediate to advanced level and its concentrate on your incline chest if you want more results on your incline chest this training will be the suitable one for you.   Note: Any incline chest press, you must...
The high intensity chest blaster workout can be used for a 4 to 6 week cycle, or as a rut buster when you simply want to try something different. This routine is relatively brief (30 minutes), and can also be used on days...
This beginners chest workout comprises of a total of 7 sets and 3 exercises. Muscle groups worked are the pectoral (chest) muscles. This workout should be performed once per week only to allow for adequate recovery. Training Level: Beginner...

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