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Sherif El Shafei - Inspirational Story

Sherif El-Shafei’s Inspirational Story of Being a Certified Personal Trainer

 How did it start "It all started when I decided to take care of my body shape in 2003 when I was 21 years old...
Get Ripped Fast

3 Things Not To Do If Trying To Get Ripped Fast

  Here are a few things you shouldn't be doing if you're trying to get toned fast. If you’re focused on building lean muscle & some...
Success Story

Hall of Fame: Mohamed Magdy

Meet Mohamed Magdy We asked Mohamed Madgy to share his inspiring story and this is what he said, “I am 27 years old. Last year I...

Rana El-Hariri – Online Fitness Programs

Rana Program
1- Customized program – Design Your Body! 2- Hip Dip Filler. 3- Booty building & Booty lifting. 4- Chest Up. 5- Get them, Sexy ARMS!

Train with Ash

Alaa Ashmawi
Coach Allaa Ashmawi Certified Fitness coach, Athlete & Health Enthusiast who had a weight loss transformation journey, jumped into the Fitness industry since 2013. Her first aim as a Fitness coach is to coach you on how to lead...

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