Channel Your Emotions At The Gym

Channel your emotions

Finding motivation by using all your negative emotions and taking them to gym with some pumping deep house sets!

Sometimes laziness isn’t the only reason we don’t go to the gym.  Our emotions can sometimes affect our workout and its results.  I realized that sometimes listening to the right music while working out can be motivating.


If you had a terrible day at work, feeling that you’re on the verge of transforming into the incredible hulk…. While you’re attempting to keep it together here’s what you should do with your anger; take yourself to the gym and put on these sets:

Ahmet Kilic & Heavy Pins (Deep House Set)

BeachHouse 106 – Ntahawy Ft. Mohasseb

Sound of Monte- Carlo’s Symphony #49


Feeling a little blue? It’s okay, we all have those days where we just want to curl up in bed & watch TV until we fall asleep Take that consuming form of depression and drag yourself to the gym and put on these sets/tracks:

Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart (Borche Deep House Mix)

Aaron Smith – Dancin (Remix by Krono)

Love At First Sight (TEEMID & Julia Cover) – Kylie Minogue

Deep Vocal Set 1 2014 – AHMET KILIC




We all have those days where so much happens that worries us or makes us confused about what’s the next step that we should be doing… Sometimes it’s so stressful because you have to make a life changing/altering decisions and you just don’t know what to do. Don’t worry there’s nothing a little work out at the gym to relieve some stress.

Tropical Tunes Vol. 9

Tosel & Hale – Take Me Away (Mark Lower Remix)

Mura Masa – The Way I Want U (Taken off winter in Jakarta)


Now you have my secret deep house playlist; remember,  you are your own motivator. So take all those negative emotions bubbling inside you to the gym. Let your heart melt to the universal beats of music and draw your own smile on that beautiful face of yours!

Stay fit, well and happy y’all.

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