Cherif Fathy: The Egyptian Open Water Swimming Pioneer on the Verge of Breaking Records

Sherif Swimmer

Open water Swimming is back

Founder of Boost Swimming Academy back in 2017, head coach, and organizer of the first private open water swimming event in Egypt, Cherif Fathy is paving the path of open water swimming in Egypt. From earning several places in international open water championships to finishing the Ironman Triathlon to earning 3rd place in Oceanman Championship in Greece and qualifying for the World Championship in Mexico this December, Cherif is sliding through life one achievement after the other.

Sherif Fathy Swimmer

The last of his achievements was his open water swimming event. The event took place in Ghazala Bay on Friday 16th of August with a total of 150 participants, building the open water swimming community and raising awareness on the dangers of plastic on the ocean and marine life. Participants of all age groups (8-72 years) contributed to the success of this event, swimming distances ranging from 500m to 3k. 300 and 150m were also available for kids. In partnership with GoClean, donations were made for every swum kilometer.

The English Channel Challenge

Sherif Swimmer

On a more personal note, the professional open water swimmer has huge plans for 2020. By the end of July of next year, Cherif will be undertaking the most prestigious, ultimate long-distance challenge of crossing the English Channel. A 50K swim against the demanding tides of 13-16°C waters with the first 2 hours swum in complete darkness make it the biggest challenge for all open water swimmers in the world. To fulfill this lifelong dream, Cherif will need the highest levels of dedication, endurance, and commitment he can muster and will have to put his mental and physical strengths to the test.

The Preparation

Sherif Fathy Swimmer

To do that, the open water swimmer will be joining several camps in England and Egypt and will be training in the very cold waters of Ismalia and Alexandria November through March to psychologically and physiologically prepare for the cross. Isolated for many hours in opaque, deep waters, Cherif needs all the moral support he could get. Even though he will be backed up with a support boat, sponsors, and media coverage during his big day, he still needs support of all of us. Driven by his desire to put Egypt’s name back on the international map of open water swimming, he hopes to motivate others through his experience.

You can follow Cherif and Boost to show support and stay updated.

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