Coach Ramy – A Guide To Achieving our New Year’s Goals

Coach Ramy setting goals

Setting goals is rather easy, but the challenging part is achieving them; That is where Coach Ramy came in to share with us a technique that explains HOW to accomplish our New Year’s goals or just any set goal really! Grab a paper and a pen and doodle his magic recipe with us!

The first step is to list down all your goals for 2021, then highlight or circle your top 5 goals, we need to break them down! Again pick one goal at a time.

Setting Goals New Year
Setting Goals New Year

Now, let’s start with your top 1. Write down the goal again with a little more details. To get to the bottom of why you are setting this goal, we’ll work with the 5 “Why’s) technique, eventually you’ll figure out the core answer and motive for setting this goal. For step 4, you’ll need to list down the obstacles that get in your way, could be for example: long work days, no free time..etc..

Setting Goals New Year

Now in Step 5, you need to find ways to overcome the obstacles. Try to propose 3 different strategies for each obstacle. In Step 6, you need to figure out who you need/ can help you in your process, for instance: a coach, a relative, a delivery service etc.

Setting Goals New Year

The problem is:  We always focus on the outcome, not the process. We need to focus on process goals in order to GRADUALLY achieve our long term goal  (1 year goal). In order to that we need to break down our goal into smaller goals. What can you accomplish in 6 months? 3 months? 1 month? 2 weeks? 1 week? WHAT IS YOUR DAILY GOAL? What do you need to do TODAY?! Write it down. It could be walk 10,000 steps, drink 2 liters of water, exercise 10 minutes etc. You cant achieve a years goal if you don’t achieve the daily goals; One step at a time!

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