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There are many claims and myths associated with CrossFit for kids and for those to be busted, we have to ask an expert, so we went to Nazli Mahmoud, the CrossFit L2 trainer, founder of one of the top affiliates in town CrossFit RHEA, and a mother.

Busting a myth

CrossFit kids

Being a high intensity workout that includes weightlifting, many parents are in doubt to consider for their kids especially at young ages. Nazli assured that CrossFit is completely safe to start from the age of 3 as there is a huge difference how kids, teenagers, and adults are trained to build strength and this is what specialized CrossFit kids program pay attention to.

Not just safe, but also beneficial

CrossFit kids

After parents are reassured that CrossFit is safe for their kids, they need to know what a CrossFit class can add to their kids. Nazli stated that CrossFit is one of the very useful sports for kids as it focuses on the cognitive and motor skills by teaching proper movement in an interactive fun group setting through challenging the child to think about his movement, count his repetitions, remember the sequences, and work towards a goal. Besides, it fights obesity and mostly important it protects against injuries.

A safety belt for a sports career

CrossFit kids

While many parents question the safety of CrossFit to their kids’ bodies, they don’t realize that CrossFit protects from sports injuries. How many times you heard about a child or a teen that was injured during playing sports and this hindered him from completing his sports career?

CrossFit has so much to do with this as a CrossFit class teaches the right basics an work on building well rounded athletes who will be better in any other sports. Nazli clarified that although CrossFit can’t prevent injuries from happening, proper strength training would result in positive physiological change in cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and bone density.

Nazli supported her words by giving us many brilliant examples from the teens class at CrossFit RHEA that completely changed after joining the class whether physically or socially. They started to follow some healthy habits, became more active, and started to have more positive body image towards themselves.

Towards the future

CrossFit kids

Nazli told us that she dreams of holding a CrossFit competition for kids and teens in her affiliate to promote healthy habits in bigger scales and not to be restricted to the competition of teen in CrossFit Open only.

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