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Address Beverly Hills compound, Gate 5, “The Walk” Mall, Building 10, Sheikh Zayed City, Egypt
Telephone 0120 734 3215


In Greek mythology, RHEA is known as the mother of the Olympian gods. The descendants of the Olympian divinities include gods and goddess like: Heracles god of power, Athena goddess of wisdom, and Nike goddess of victory.

“Give me a place to stand and a lever long enough and I will move the world” -ARCHIMEDES, 220 BC, in praise of RHEA. The Olympian gods have always symbolized the human kind stages of transformation to finding fulfillment.

CrossFit RHEA stands for the psychological drive to transform. For the integration of mind and body, and for pushing limits and boundaries.

In our CrossFit box, we aspire our members to achieve their highest potential. We put great efforts and programs to achieve physical strength, agility, and endurance combined with mental sharpness, discipline, and focus.

Whatever you are striving to achieve, at Crossfit RHEA, there is a relentless pursuit of a goal and for achieving real results. No matter what is your background in sports or how active is your daily life, we will take care of your fitness needs, individually or in groups so you can grow healthier and stronger every day.



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